Hai Wang Seafood (Viet Nam) Co., Ltd

HAIWANG is one of the very professional companies in the field of seafood import and export diversity and rich, capable of consulting, quickly respond to the different needs of each market.

With more than 20 years of experience in seafood export business, HAIWANG has selected and connected with many reputable manufactories, located in good material areas and abundant experienced staff, skilled workforce, satisfying all requirements of customers for quality, this is a favorable condition for HAIWANG to expand and develop to many new markets.

Carry out the project to expand the company to increase production capacity.
Sales reached over 500 billion.
Total investment is over 150 billion..
The company continues to invest in equipment to improve capacity, produce more varieties of high quality products.
HaiWang was established for the purpose of trading aquatic products. Being the first and only provider of high quality seafood in Vietnam during 1994-1997. Date of issue: 28/01/2011